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Browse our high performance devices for gas network survey, indoor and outdoor leak detection, atmosphere control, and individual protection.


COMING SOON: GAZOTRACK™ 4 is a multigas detector with intelligent IR sensors for hydrocarbons and electrochemical sensors which can be used in a large range of applications… Learn more 


NEW: GAZOSCAN, a handheld remote methane detector (RMD), is the ultimate tool for natural gas leak inspection of residential buildings, gas leak inspection of natural gas pipelines, and methane leak inspection of gas containers…. Learn more


NEW: NGMesh™ is a complete methane emissions monitoring system which detects leaks and sends alerts to personnel- reducing safety risks, greenhouse gas emissions, and product loss…. Learn more 


The INSPECTRA® LASER is a natural gas leak portable analyzer with laser spectroscopy. This highly sensitive detector offers all the advantages of optical detection in a highly compact and portable device… Learn more


The VSR INSPECTRA® is a natural gas distribution network survey vehicle with the exclusive laser spectroscopy analyzer and an integrated GPS system… Learn more


The EASY INSPECTRA® network survey vehicle is perfectly adapted for the constraints of leak detection in densely urbanized areas, providing access to city centers and pedestrian areas… Learn more

NGS Software

NGS Software is a complete monitoring solution that optimizes traceability in gas distribution network surveys. NGS Software controls the gas concentration measuring instrumentation, the gas network data visualization and the GPS system… Learn more


CATEX™ 3 gas detection device is an explosimeter-catharometer. This high precision detection technology ensures optimal safety when operating in hazardous atmospheres… Learn more


The µGAZTOX™ oxygen and toxic gas detector is a fully maintainable device for your personal protection when working in areas with hazardous gas… Learn more


The µGAZEX™ is a multiscale explosimeter that provides users with personal protection in potentially explosive atmospheres…. Learn more