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NGMesh is a methane emissions monitoring system which provides 24/7 monitoring, on-site surveys, report preparation and data storage.  GAZPOD uses the INSPECTRA LASER technology to monitor emission activity 24/7 and provide on-site survey capability.  The data collected from GAZPOD and on site personnel’s mobile device via the NGMesh app is automatically transferred securely to the web software, eliminating the need for paper records manual data transcribing and transfer.  Automated notifications and alerts are sent to designated personnel via app when leaks occur over a certain threshold.

  • Built in cellular wireless network connection
  • The NGMesh web app, opens on any browser, enables simple facility management, 24/7 leak monitoring, leak detection survey scheduling, and data review.
  • Automated methane leak survey report generation for regulatory compliance
  • Web software complies all data from the app and GAZPOD and stores for easy review.